What does a fireplace need to be cozy?

If you are looking to install or transform your antique fireplace to be as cozy as possible there are certain key features that you need to consider if you want to succeed and have an antique fireplace that it will be cozy as it can be.

One of the first things you need to be looking at is the mantel of the antique fireplace. Mantels can make a huge difference on how the fireplace is actually being perceived and can significantly impact the atmosphere that a chimney can give to a room. The secret is for the mantel to blend in within the fireplace because when there is a fireplace in a room, everybody wants to be around it. Even if there isn’t any fire burning in the antique fireplace you can imagine it and this means that you are already dreaming about something –in this case a fire- but this is actually the impact and the power that an antique fireplace can have and this is why they are so beloved by house owners.

We mentioned above that the mantel needs to blend in if you want to have a cozy fireplace, but what about the antique fireplace itself? Well if you want to get that cozy atmosphere started up you need to light up that fire, even in the summer. You may think it is silly, but you will be surprised about the camping-out feeling that you will get when the fire is burning inside your fireplace. This will also provide a more natural appeal to the fireplace.

In our journey of building a cozy fireplace we come across thornhillgalleries.co.uk or Thornhill Galleries that has a feature that will make your fireplace useful for the entire year and not just those cold winter nights. What you want to install is a fireplace that is suitable for all seasons from hot summer days to cold and dark winter evenings, essentially a year-round fireplace. You will thank yourself later for giving you the opportunity to enjoy a fireplace any day of the year regardless of the temperature outside. Your room will feel cozy even year round.

Next what you should do is try and design the walls around the fireplace with as much as natural light as possible, it might sound strange but two extra windows on each side of the antique fireplace can make a world of a difference when sitting on a comfy chair and having a cup of tea. If you’re having trouble imagining how this would look like, check out the picture below or visit one of the most complete antique fireplaces from Thornhill Galleries showroom in the United Kingdom.


Sometimes all that you want from your fireplace is to be a place of retreat and serenity, where you can think about important decisions that you need to take or just want to enjoy some free time by having a glass of wine in front of a burning fire, giving you that ancestral feeling of pause and relaxation. For this type of moments you will want a serene antique fireplace with an edge, with slightly darker walls and big chairs around the front of the chimney. An ottoman can also be placed between the two chairs so you can put your legs up and enjoy the drink in a complete relaxation mode.

Last but not least is a more modern and radical idea that slightly gains up ground around the world. Interested in what could it be? We will leave this for another time but I will give you a hint of only two words and maybe you can put the pieces together. Ready? The words are fireplace and ..bathroom. Sounds interesting? It is, but we’ll leave it for another time.