Kitchen design styles you need to consider

Home design styles are always changing with new modern features trending every year, but there are some kitchen design styles that have never and will never fade away because of a really solid reason –  they are too practical and there’s no other way to do it.

But here we’ll not only explore the practical designs but also new trends that inspire house owners to use new materials, concepts and strategies when building or re-working their kitchens.


One of these trends is to use a two-tone kitchen cabinet with a combination of neutral or white upper cabinets that will give your kitchen a timeless feel. Feel free to use various wood tones and colors that will take the kitchen in two very different directions of style.

Also a big new way designing kitchens comes from the usage of using outdoor fabric for indoors. With the continuous advance of technology and new materials being developed at more faster rates, those old outdoor fabrics are not on the market anymore because now they have been replaced with outdoor fabric that is essentially undistinguishable from the one used indoors.

This makes for a very good combination of indoor and outdoor fabric usage in the fitted kitchen that will give it a futuristic feel and a guaranteed long lasting lifetime. If you think about it, the outdoor fabric is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions for many years and you are installing it in an indoor controlled environment such as your kitchen, how much do you reckon it will withstand? The answer is simple, for many, many, many years.

Are you ready for a design trend that comes with a very practical feature? We are referring to deep kitchen drawers. This kitchen trend appeared following a practical need of many customers that are constantly using the kitchen but complain that they don’t have enough storage space available.

This is where the deep kitchen drawers come into rescue, as new dividers and inserts will give you room to organize all of your kitchen tools including any size or shape dish, pan or utensil.


All modern kitchens are designed to embrace large open spaces and raw materials resulting in a classy simplicity with open shelves having a big role in the kitchen’s overall feeling. Don’t be afraid to experiment as you will soon find out that the phrase “less is more” was never more true and it perfectly applies to kitchens.

If you are afraid that you kitchen will look too simple then feel free to consider installing dining table on casters which allows numerous combinations of seating arrangements that will suit both family meals and parties where more friends come over.