Engineered Wooden Flooring Trends and Dated styles

If you are looking to install a new wooden flooring in your house but you are unsure what to go for then you have come to the right place.

Below we will go through opinions and advices on what are the trending styles of wooden flooring this year and what style to avoid if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends.

A floor can make a world of difference in a room, almost anybody knows that and this is why extra care needs to be put when choosing the supplying company, the installing team and the material and color of the wooden flooring.

Let’s focus on the color because, in ninety percent of the cases the color is the main opinion maker when someone walks into a room. A brighter color can light up your room and make it feel bigger than it actually is and a darker shade can make it look more solid, more reliable.


Of course the final decision is always the customer’s responsibility but with the rows below we’ll try to explain what are the key points you should be looking at when choosing your supplier of engineered wooden flooring.

So what is trending for hardwood this year? Well overall, because there are always exceptions of customers that go against the trends and bet on something that they think it will be in style in a few years, are the darker tones. There is a shift towards bright lights at the same time, which yes it is a bit weird but apparently this year the extremes are on a big wave.

Try to avoid warm or red tones as they have steadily became less and less popular in the past few years and the direction is still the same to this day. Instead try colors such as ebony or a half mix between ebony and Jacobean or dark walnut. Different types of wood can result in different shades of the same color but the principle is set on dark tones, even though pictures make the floor look much darker that it will be in real life and this is why it’s always better to plan a short trip to a engineered wooden flooring showroom so you can see and touch the real floor that you want to install.

The second trend that is going on for years is the usage of gray for wooden floors. Hardwood floors are somewhat preferred gray for a few years now and the trend didn’t show any signs of slowing down, quite the contrary – it is speeding up. Gray is very popular amongst the fashion forward customers that are looking for a futuristic look.


Please be advised however that as an unwritten law, gray is always a bit more expensive than other colors so make your choice wisely and if you do go for a grey wooden flooring make sure you have the budget to support its supplying and installation.

We mentioned above to avoid reddish tones and as a completion to our advice we recommend going for an ultra-blonde look. If you initially wanted a reddish tone but you are considering to change your mind after reading this article, don’t go for a gray look. We recommend all customers that initially want a red tone to switch to blonde, because it will one hundred percent fit better than the gray for you particular home. The trend is clear, go from red to blonde.


The blonde look is a tone that will make your room space look larger and airier, giving it a very natural look. It will feel more casual and guest will want to spend more time at your place (not sure if that is a good thing though, depends on what kind of friend you have). The pricing is also something that you shouldn’t ignore as a blonde tone wooden floor often is less pricey that other tones.

So here we are, these are the latest color trends for engineered wooden flooring. Typically engineered wooden flooring trends don’t change too often –we are not in the clothing fashion industry where a new style appears each season- and sticking with this year’s trends should mean that your engineered wooden flooring will be in fashion for at least a decade.

Now, check that budget one more time and start your quest for the best wooden flooring you can install to fit your house.