Top 5 home trends you should pay attention to this year

One’s home should be the mirror of his personality a great man said once, or at least someone should have said it if they didn’t.

At the end of each day, no matter how good or bad it was we return to our home for a time of relaxation and batteries charging and one of the most important features that a house should have is that it should be suitable for you. No one wants to return home every evening to a place that they don’t like. Of course the budget plays a big part but there are small and cheap tricks that you can do to transform the feeling your house has.


  1. Start with accessories first, because they are the easiest way to change how a room looks without the need of replacing furniture, changing the color of the walls or other time consuming tasks.

Accessorizing anything is a reflection of the individual’s personality so using accessories for your house is should only be common sense. Unleash this way of self-expression and turn your room into an artistic expression of how you feel inside, you’ll thank yourself later after coming back home from a tough day at work.

Don’t hesitate to use abstract designs and steadily move away from traditional housing styles, make something different, something that your friends will remember you for. Bring out the inner you and don’t be afraid to express your personality by getting creative with accessories in your home.

  1. Are you ready for some more difficult tasks? If you are then organize your schedule for painting those walls in the colors that you want. Yes you need to get a little dirty and move some furniture but you will soon realize that changing the color of one wall can have a massive difference on how that room is perceived. Use the new trending moody shades and deep colors and experiment with futuristic inspiration or antique throwbacks.

Two colors are making a big comeback this year, brown and caramels. These retro colors release a vibrant feel so don’t hesitate to combine them in a way that reflects your personality. Take in consideration the never fading out of style colors that are grey, beige and soft green for a natural nature appeal.


  1. Transform practical items into house features. Everything in your house that you take for granted can be transformed into an accessory very simple. Browse the internet for ideas on how to reinvent everyday items and make them look cool with a refreshing new look.

There are tons of small changes that can be made without any extra money, you just need to find those that suit your style.

  1. Install a portable garden to grow in your kitchen. Nature is inside each and every one of us without us knowing it, we only feel it as a state of pleasure and relaxation when we walk through the woods if we are to give an example.

Deep in the urban jungle the time has come to bring the nature back to us. Eco is a big word nowadays and it will only get bigger so make sure you have a piece of nature in every room, but now with a practical purpose. Just as the portable kitchen garden, buy plants that will actually grow something useful for you, like a small lemon tree or anything that you might find appealing.

The sense of accomplishment when you’ve harvested and cooked something that you grew in your own apartment will be unmatched!

  1. Last but not least we will now focus on the bathroom. This is the place where you prepare yourself for a day at work or for a good night’s sleep so we must not ignore it.


Trending now are the bathrooms that go for a natural feel. Imagine yourself picking and eating the fruit of your own growing and then heading to the bathroom and washing yourself in a timber top sink. Isn’t that a great feeling?

Stone tops are now put aside as timber makes an impressive entrance to the world of modern urban bathrooms. Timber tops will give your bathroom a natural feel and warmth that will go hand in hand with the natural feeling your home grown plants are giving to the rest of the house.

Your bathroom will now feel as part of the rest of the house forming a single atmospheric feeling so don’t hesitate to take the extra step and do a bit of work in there. Oh, and don’t forget to get rid of the bathtub.