Bathroom plants – should you have one?


It could be our subconscious that helps us relax when we are in the presence of plants or the ancient legacy each of us has inside back from the time we were living in huts and discovered how to control fire, but the fact still remains that plants is something that helps us loosen those urban stressful thoughts and find a serene feeling of joy and fulfillment.

Going forward on this line of thought it is only natural that something that helps us relax like should have their own special place in our bathrooms because are those the modern places where we nurture ourselves by taking long hot showers? Isn’t it? If only thinking at the spot of color a plant could bring to a room and the answer of getting a plant should be affirmative.

Well a lot of people will answer ‘no’ to the question of do you have any plants in your bathroom, so it’s only natural to try and get an answer why that is. Is it because of the urban lifestyle that makes us think of all of the things in the world when thinking of arranging the stuff in our bathroom, but something as natural as a plant?

It could well be, because a recent study showed that almost anyone would agree having a plant in their home, let alone the bathroom.

So what do you need for having a plant into your bathroom? A bit of will and a little something called natural sunlight. If you don’t have the latter into your bathroom then you can turn around and pretend that you haven’t ever read this article.

See, in order to survive plants need natural sunlight, in addition to the periodic watering of course. So if you have a closed bathroom where you only use artificial light you can say goodbye to those good old natural plants.

But don’t be disappointed though, you can always try an artificial plant that looks just as a normal plant would look like, the only downside being that deep down in your soul you will always know that it’s not real.

If you do have natural sunlight going into your bathroom but the light is low then try the pothos, snake plant, dracaena and spider plant as these are the best plants for low light conditions.

Check out how ferns, fittonia, rex begonia or peace lily would suit your taste for high humidity conditions.

Do you lack space for your natural light filled bathroom for any plant? Try the hanging plants. These air purifying plants are a great option for those lacking space for yet another thing stuffed into their bathroom.


Try the Japanese moss balls, Kokedama and see for yourself if these could suit your taste. This is a green, lush plant that can be installed on a mounted staghorn. You can even go the extra step and install a plant wall for your bathroom. This will certainly get your attention and you will feel like walking into a forest every time you wash your hands.

Also, don’t settle for easy escapes like putting a small plant in a corner and that’s it. Go for special arrangements that will inspire you to organize more nature trips. These arrangements combine different types of plants that will emanate good taste and forest like variety.

So, do you want a spot of natural color for you bathroom? If you do start the search now for the best plants for your bathroom.