This year’s best interior design suggestions

Let’s take this straight forward and simple – below we are going to list what we think are the best suggestions for interior design changes that will make your house look and feel like it was just finished from building.

These small tricks will make you house feel like brand new, and in line with the latest interior design trends.

Change those bed linens with something new and in fashion such as a pizzazz theme. Plain white sheets are a thing of the past because bed linens patterns are the new black.

Replace the chandeliers with the look of the new year and get some pretty pendants, as this is the year of the statement pendant that will give your house a cozy feel.


The pedestals don’t need to be boring. You can now fill in unused corners with some perky pedestals that are tall and maybe exhibit a plant, a cat or even a sculpture. Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and make a drastic change.

Do you own a laptop? If you do, then have the decency to admit that you’ve been working on it from your bed one too many times. Get yourself a desk because they are back in fashion from an unlikely reason for fashion trends – practicality.

Next, metals. Metals everywhere. As long as they shine it doesn’t matter what it is or where you put it. Anything from steel, gold, copper or platinum will go to fill in those blank spaces that make a room look so sad.

Don’t back away from using wall art made out of fabric too, because these combined with mixed metals will give your house a unique look, both futuristic but traditionally based at the same time.

We’ve saved the best for the last. We all spend a big part of our life sleeping, so why aren’t we interested in improving the way we sleep? Yes blackout curtains surely do help with getting the vampire feeling out of us each morning but what do we do about our neck? Or head?

Break that piggy bank you’ve been saving for a new smartphone and spoil yourself with brand new, technologically enhanced pillows and sleep like you are a baby once again.

Your body will feel stronger during the day, and your mind will be crystal clear after a good night’s sleep on these modern pillows. I don’t care what anybody says about traditions or old way of living, they’ve never tried one of these pillows that have been designed using modern design tools and fabric.