Coffee tables with a twist

The living room is that special place where you invite people in, whether is a party, a family dinner or simply a coffee with your closest friends. I’m not going to talk to you about big gatherings today, instead I want to present you with some ideas of original coffee tables that will give a twist to your living room’s design.

coffee spot
Greg Natale

Even though many undervalue that little corner where you have tea or coffee at, I strongly believe that giving it a personal touch and decorating it with special elements can turn it into the perfect place to chat with your girlfriends, have a cup of hot cocoa during the winter or even enjoy reading a book while having tea an biscuits on the table.


coffee table books styling

For me this special place should be by the window, but if your room doesn’t allow it you can choose a small corner and transform it. Below are some ideas of coffee tables for any taste and budget. For more ideas let your imagination run free and create a cozy coffee space with a personal twist. My favorite is the solid oak medium size coffee table and I have just the right corner to place it in.

all glass coffee table
Glass Coffee Table
black high gloss coffe table
Black High Gloss Coffee Table
oval glass and natural coffee table
Oval Glass And Natural Coffee Table
round clear coffee table
Round Clear Glass Coffee Table
solid oak clear glass coffee table
Solid Oak Clear Glass Coffee Table
solid oak coffee table
Solid Oak Coffee Table