Walk in Wardrobes – a modern storage solution

In a chaotic world where everything needs to be done fast, improving your home and making more practical comes as a solution to the need of being ready on time and able to get out the door fast, to get to work, meetings or family, friends gatherings. Being organized and being able to organize your belongings in a neat and airy way comes in handy.

A great solution for this would be to have a custom made walk in wardrobe in your home so that you can quickly grab your stuff, get dressed and get ready for a new day.

The walk in wardrobes have been for many years a room fitted for celebrities or wealthy people but that is no longer the case. Such a space is a practical choice for every modern home, modern family or modern individual. Having your belongings neatly arranged, being able to easily visualize all of your staff and deciding upon your outfit in less than five minutes is a must for each and every busy human being. More importantly, why waste time deciding what to wear, which purse or watch matches your clothes, when this process can be done faster and you can have more time enjoying your coffee at home with your loved ones or simply indulging yourself with a few more minutes of repose before the crazy day ahead.

Walk in wardrobes can be crafted so they fit large or small places, small corners or entire rooms and the design, the number of cabinets, shelves and bar hangers is chosen by the future owner. In addition, the owner can choose the material and the color of the future personalized walk in wardrobe.


Among the benefits of the walk in wardrobes, you can find a few below:

  • It provides plenty of storage space for your belongings, be they clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and even towels, blankets or bed sheets. A walk in wardrobe is helping you organize your stuff without stuffing them in closets that cannot accommodate them. A walk in wardrobe is a special space for dedicated to keep items neat and nearby.
  • A walk in wardrobe has features of convenience alongside the shelves, cabinets and bar hangers such as drawers, baskets and mirrors, being one hundred percent customizable and designed to fit the owner’s needs, without any item getting lost.
  • Such a wardrobe can be used as a dressing room. By simply adding a mirror and a chair you have created the perfect, private dressing room, where you can try on several outfits and if you put something on and decide you don’t want to wear, you can place it back neatly in its location. This helps you keep your belongings in perfect order not messy, helping you save time as you won’t need to clean it up later.
  • A walk in wardrobe helps you save and use the space smartly. A custom made walk in dresser will maximize the available space through the storage features such as shelves, hanging bars and drawers. The available space is thus fully utilized. In addition, the walk in wardrobe will never look cramped, messy or disorganized.
  • A walk in wardrobe can make your home fully functional, practical and truly organized. In addition, if you decide to have a walk in wardrobe in your home, it will increase the value of your property in case you will want to sell.


If you have decided that a walk in wardrobe is a good solution for you, to improve the use of space in your home and have just the place for you to build your own personal dressing room, one of the renowned provider on the market, for manufacturing such pieces of furniture are Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens.

Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens has plenty of experience and the company is specialized in crafting customized wardrobes, fitted bedrooms, fitted kitchens and you can find a great part of their portfolio on the company’s website www.capitalbedrooms.co.uk

image source: www.capitalbedrooms.co.uk

This business works with high quality materials to offer you amazing and long lasting furnishing solutions with a ten years guarantee. In addition, the prices are very competitive and you can get great value for your investment. The team at Capital Bedrooms and Kitchens believes that customer satisfaction has the up-most importance and they strive to reach and exceed expectations with every piece of furniture they create.

Being a team of perfectionist, they work closely with the customer to make sure that all needs and desires are met so that a fitted walk in wardrobe, a fitted bedroom or a fitted kitchen is designed with consideration to the owner’s needs and requirements.

image source: www.capitalbedrooms.co.uk

For all of you interested in having your own customized  fitted walk in wardrobe you should always take into consideration the expertise of the company you decide to with. One should always do some research, find the best provider and manufacturer and try to choose from the variety of designs sot that once you have made a decision you can be confident that you will have the best storage place for your home.

A walk in wardrobe is a practical and modern solution when it comes to organizing your belongings, it helps you fully utilize your space, systemize your items, it can be a private space and can be used as a dressing room making it easier to change as many clothes as you want and placing those you don’t want to wear back in their place without you having to clean afterwards.

This comes as a practical solution for every modern man, woman or family as it helps you save time while deciding what to wear as you have better visibility over your clothes, shoes and accessories. Getting dressed should never be a time consuming and nagging activity, it should be done easy, leaving you some time to enjoy a few moments of tranquility before going out and starting your daily tasks.

A walk in wardrobe is an elegant, modern and practical idea for every home.