Design the space around the fireplace

Modern Clean Lines Fireplace

A fireplace is a visual masterpiece. Place it into your office, your living room or your dining area and it will be the predominant item in the room. Fireplaces are statement pieces and you can decorate a space around its design. Every piece could be as unique as you want, as modern as you want and as grandiose as you want, nevertheless the impact a fireplace will have will be the same, one of elegance.

The functionality of fireplaces has changed over the years yet one can be used for decorating the room and for heating the space up. No matter the reason you choose to have a fireplace you can rest assured that it will improve the appearance of the room and it will last for years. With that in mind, when choosing the design you must think thoroughly about how you want to decorate your home or your office in order for the fireplace to be consistent with the style of the place.

The modern design consists of clean lines, geometric shapes, simplicity and minimalism. For a contemporary home you can choose a fireplace design as the ones below:

Black and White Modern Fireplace

Modern Black Wall White margin Fireplace

Chic Design Fireplace

For imprinting an antique touch to your home you can choose from different styles such as Victorian, French, Gothic and Baroque. With rich details and carvings or resembling Greek columns, the design is abundant and these fireplaces are masterpieces. Find inspiration in the ones below, most of them are copyrighted to Thornhill Galleries (

French Antique Fireplace

Antique Stone Fireplace

King Louis Fireplace

Stone fireplaces, these create a visual impact and offer the room an authentic aspect. The stones could be arranged neatly or you can form various shapes and designs thus personalizing your fireplace one hundred percent. The advantage of this design is that it can fit traditional on contemporary comes alike, boost the looks and imprint the space with originality. Take a peak at the ones below:

Stone Fireplace

Stone Artistic Fireplace

Having a fireplace in your home or office is a matter of choice. A fireplace will enhance the visual aspect of the space and offer it grandiosity. Once you have decided you want to have one in your home you need to decide upon the design of that room. Choose a style for the fireplace and than pick matching furniture.

Any room can be given a certain aspect, whether you want it to look sophisticated, elegant, relaxing or be as unique as you are, by placing a statement fireplace and decorating around it you can rest assured the result will be majestic. In addition, having the fireplace as the center piece of the room it will help you stay consistent when decorating it. Whether you like traditional fireplaces or electrical fireplaces, once you selected the perfect one for your home or office you can start creating the style of your space. One of the amazing aspects is that you can have a personalized fireplace and a personalized room as you will be able to combine styles and colours and have a unique space. For a bit of inspiration you can take a peak at the pictures below:

Living roomFireplace

Traditional Living Room Fireplace

Fireplace and Bookshelves

You can find inspiration by searching for different styles of fireplaces and seeing how other people have designed their rooms around a fireplace. Going through different styles you can mix and match designs and create one of your own. You don’t have to worry that you copy something as you will be combining items the way you want and create that unique space which will bring you comfort.

During the process, simply keep in mind that you have to be consistent when decorating the space, add just the right amount of furniture and other decor items, give the fireplace the chance to boost the visual aspect of the room and lay out the style around it.