A led light TV cabinet for comfortable movie night at home

What is the most comfortable way to relax after a long week? Well I don’t know about you but, I enjoy crashing on the couch and play a good movie. Whether by myself, with friends or family members, sometimes the easiest way to enjoy the beginning of the week-end is by simply switching off all my concerning thoughts, worry about nothing and live in the skin of the characters playing on the screen.

But in order form me to be able to do that, I went through quite a difficult search for a TV unit area to assure my Friday movie night will feel close being at the cinema. As I already had the television and the audio system, now I needed a TV unit or a TV cabinet. I wasn’t sure if I wanted my TV to stay on the wall or if I was better off with a modern TV cabinet with led lights. Phew, who would have thought that designing a movie area at home would be so difficult? I certainly didn’t.

After a long search, I have decided to quit the idea of placing my television on the wall, I also needed some storage space I did not consider using the wall as simply a place for placing the television a practical choice.

So I started to look at TV stands or cabinets and TV units. I found some interesting and nice ones on Furniture in Fashion’s website here.  I always liked furniture made of glass of something in a combination of glass and wood so the glass TV cabinets were the ones which caught my attention first. Here are some that I really liked:

glass TV stand solid oak base Furniture in Fashion

Atlanta glass TV Stand Furniture in Fashion

sonic tv stand oak Furniture in Fashion

And then, I figured I am more inclined to have a modern TV unit as it would have a great visual impact in my living room. So again, I browsed through the variety of TV cabinets at Furniture in Fashion, and I say it again, deciding upon the one you like the most is difficult. Nonetheless, by figuring out which type of design better suits your home makes it easier, it sure did for me.

So after a few days of intense search and comparison, I narrowed my possibilities to three:




So, what do you think I chose? As hard as it was, my “weapon” of choice is this:


And I have managed to make myself quite a comfortable spot for my Friday movie nights at home. Because as much as I like going to the cinema, lounging in my own sofa, playing one of my favorite movies is much more comfortable. And after finding the best led TV unit for my living room, no cinema could compare to being in the comfort of my home.