Growing Espalier Fruit Trees

Can I grow espalier fruit trees in pots? Smaller fruit trees including espalier style trees can be grown in pots. Over the past two years, growing our own crops has become increasingly popular in the UK.

Most of us started with growing vegetables in pots, but there is no reason why you can’t grow some of the smaller fruit tree varieties in pots. However, before you buy a tree, there are a few points that you must pay particular attention to. We are going to run through them with you.

Space Matters

The first thing that really matters is space. You need to take the amount of space that you have into consideration. Espaliers like to stretch out. That is how they get productive and start producing a reliable crop year after year.

Before you contact a specialist grower you should measure the space that you have available. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. Who knows you may have room for more than one tree?

Location, Location, Location

Well, that should really be orientation. The orientation of your garden or terrace will matter. Make sure you know what direction your garden.

Can you be flexible? Maybe your tree can grow against another wall. When you speak to a tree specialist, you should always discuss the orientation of your garden. It will have an impact on what tree he recommends for your garden or growing area.

Are Espaliers High Maintenance?

Once again this all depends on the variety of espalier fruit tree for sale that you decide on. If you have limited time to look after your garden, it is best to let the grower know. That makes it easier for him to recommend the right tree for your growing conditions and time that you have available.

In general, espaliers don’t take a lot of looking after. As long as you have prepared the area well, your espalier will more or less look after itself. You will have to check the wire work and make sure that your tree is happily climbing up the frame.

Are Espaliers More Expensive?

Espaliers are not more expensive than other fruit trees. Have a budget in mind and try to stick to that. What you will find is that the structure can cost a bit to set up. If you don’t have the materials available, you will need to buy them as well as the tree.

Do They Grow Fast?

Under the right conditions, your espalier tree will take off very quickly. One thing is for sure, espaliers look amazing. They are very popular in many locations in Europe. Many gardeners say that a well-planted and loved espalier looks like an artwork.

It is true – established espaliers look amazing. A mature espalier will certainly add a wow factor to your garden.

When you would like to find out more, it is best to contact a specialist grower. Not all fruit tree growers have experience of espalier fruit trees the way that Chris Bowers & Sons have. It is a bit of an exclusive club. Growers are often enthusiasts. Welcome to the club and your first espalier tree.